Let’s Mention What We Aren’t Talking About
We aren’t talking about THC pills. If you are giving these or other CBD for pets this is a different topic. These pills come in two standard varieties: the nature and the man-made. The pills are a little bigger than the space in a poison ring. THC pills are specific designed to deliver a large does of THC to the user all at once. This is a common treatment for patients with AIDS or cancer as a therapy for effects of the disease and the drugs. The natural varieties of THC pills are a pure and whole extract straight from the plant. These pills contain pure cannabis oil, not oil mixed with an oil base.

The made-made variety is a more interesting situation as it is a federally legal and FDA approved drug that avoids the Schedule 1 Federal ban because it is developed fully from non-natural chemicals. This man-made version of THC is called Dronabinol and comes in the brand names of Marinol and Syndros. Physicians typically prescribe Marinol to AIDS and cancer patients for the same reasons listed above. However, due to the expense and unwanted side effects Marinol is unpopular even in places where recreational marijuana is still illegal.
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Ensemble Effect Of Whole-Plant Benefits
There are indications of a growing believe that instead of consuming singular extracts from the cannabis plant that consuming the whole plant extracts is better because it can deliver a wider range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenoids than consuming individual extract pills or oils. Many CBD for pets and humans include single extracts but this excludes the wider range of beneficial oils from the plants. There is no reason to doubt a little pure CBD for pets or humans hidden in a poison ring will help with a number of issues. However, like a daily multivitamin you may be missing out on many other benefits.

Drops For Multiple Lives
Just like multivitamins can deliver different health benefits for different and individual needs so can the development of whole-plant CBD drops. CBD drops are small pills (small enough to fit in a poison ring) that are a combination of different strains of cannabis and other beneficial plants that utilize the whole extract and not just a subset. Think of the natural benefits peppermint oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, etc. mixed into a pill to help with different aspects of your full life.
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Why avoid the whole-plant?
Different strains can deliver a pre-determined THC/CBD ratio for optimum consumption and when paired with a specific and complimentary oil it can deliver a daily boost targeting a specific need. Some distributers of cannabis have developed CBD drops for waking, energy, calmness, sleeping, brain boosts, and even arousal. It seems like an interesting an inventive way to deliver CBD and THC to the body. Generally, not one method will ever be the correct method for everyone. Diversity is the spice of life. The same applies for CBD and THC. The more varieties there are to consume the cannabis the more people will find a way that works for them.