The popularity and usefulness of CBD is only swelling with each passing day; studies have found that its anti-inflammatory property and ability to relieve stress have been graciously accepted by the human body and therefore is being recommended by doctors to their patients to consume CBD edibles if they are looking for a long-term solution for their painful symptoms. But, you will also be glad to know that in the last few years, CBD edibles are being used on pet animals to treat their anxiety and pain that can have its source in tumor, cancer, arthritis or any such throbbing illness. For instance, CBD for horses are used to ease out their pain, chronic illness, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite and sleep.

Even though CBD edibles haven’t been fully legalized to be used by pets despite no glaring issue of toxicity in them, there are some parks around the country where the use of cannabis is lawfully accepted. In the case of animals, the CBD is broken by their bodies in ways different from that of human beings; the TGC compound that is responsible for making somebody high is not present in the CBD provided to the animals. The only thing that matters while introducing pets to CBD edibles or CBD for horses is the correct dose. The best way to begin treating pets through cannabis is by starting with a small dose with the highest of 1mg/ml every day for the first few months. Notice the progress that your pets are making after its intake. According to doctors, for THC products, the dosage should be 0.1-0.25mg once or twice per day and in case of the other CBD products or CBD for horses, the dosage should be 0.05mg per day.

cbd for petsWhen the CBD is established in the bodies of the pets, it usually takes three to five hours to show some effect; other than that, keeps a close watch on the reactions borne by their bodies. If the pets have not reacted negatively to the CBD in the form of vomiting, excessive energy, restlessness or reduced sleep and appetite, then you can continue treating them with CBD edibles. Gradually increase the CBD edibles or CBD for horses to around five days a week, but the escalation should not be more than 0.05mg/ml a week. According to doctors, rather than just assuming the dosage is right, you can first separate the amount prescribed and then mix it with some water so that it can be put directly in the pet’s mouth without them feeling the CBD be unpleasant or bitter.

The reason that governs only slight dosage of CBD edibles or CBD for horses is that fact that our pets are blessed with a mechanism that breaks the cannabinoids in ways different than humans and because of its complex endocannabinoid that is cladded with numerous receptors; the way the THC compound affects their bodies is much different than ours. As the owner of a pet one must understand that have not been endowed with the privilege of speaking as man has; if they are not feeling well physically, then it becomes our responsibility to take due care of them and look after them in a way that they don’t have to go through any added pain, angst or stress.