Animals are innocence personified, and no matter what people might say, human beings do not deserve the love and loyalty of animals. We might claim to be the greatest of animal lovers put on the face of this beautiful planet, but we still would not be able to love and care for animals the way they stick by our sides with their unflinching loyalties. Now, before I get into the details of why animals have bested us in terms of emotional capabilities and completely lose track of the real motto of this article, let me just quickly broach the topic of the usage of CBD on horses- the facts, myths and all that you need to know about it. We could keep the bashing up of humankind for their lack of sensitivity to animals and their diluted emotions, for some time later.

This should not come as a surprise but to begin with, animals fall sick too- physically, mentally and in every way that a human being could. Thus, the treatment of animals is as essential as that of a human being. Any creature made out of flesh and bones are susceptible to diseases, and thus, their treatment becomes imperative. Now, horses have been tagged as one of the strongest and smartest of animals in the animal kingdom. They say that “A horse is worth more than riches” and for a good reason. They are beautiful creatures, serving the humankind since times immemorial. Thus, the onus is upon us and every person who owns a horse to know the right way to go about their treatment, should they fall sick. They deserve that, no questions asked!

What is CBD?

CBD is an umbrella term and encompasses a variety of herbs that are used for various purposes-yes, marijuana falls within the brackets too. However, the greatest myth concerning CBD is that they are only ever used for smoking. To clear the air, CBD has various medicinal properties, and it is more than often used as an oil for the treatment of animals. They are therapeutic and comes handy when certain situations seem dire.

CBD for your horse:

CBD is non-toxic, all natural and is derived from cannabis. They are made into oil to be used in the treatment of various ailments that animals, in this case, your horse might fall victim to.

    • Pain and Arthritis- Yes, horses too suffer from different body and joint aches as well as acute arthritis. CBD oil comes into the picture as they contain some of the most excellent anti-inflammatory elements that helps in minimising pain and provides relief from arthritis.
    • Colic pain and Gastric ulcers– Just like human beings, horses too suffer from acute colic pain and occasional gastric ulcers. CBD oil helps in reducing these ulcers and any inflammation that may have made home in the intestines, giving rise to such unbearable pain.
    • CBD and Heart Health- The adequacy of CBD oil are many when it comes to taking care of the heart. They help in maintaining a proper heart rate and keeps the blood vessels from any damage.
    • Mental health: Unfortunately, animals too can fall prey to various mental health disorders like anxiety, mood disorders, and stress. CBD oil acts a therapy in such instances providing relief to taut nerves. They soothe the mind and keep horses calm while elevating their mood.

Thus, you see, taking care of horses or any animal, as a matter of fact, becomes much easy when you know about the benefits of this miracle worker, known as CBD. The myths need to be debunked and facts need to learned, so that horse owners can reap benefits out of CBD in its entirety.