Popular health and wellness aid now used to improve the lives of equine

cbd horseCBD oil and CBD-infused products have become widely used across the United States to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals. The popular oil is now being prescribed and sold for the wellbeing of a variety of animals too. Pet owners have begun using CBD oil to alleviate a number of painful conditions involving their animals. CBD oil for horses is now one of the more popular solutions to health issues experienced by equine.

According to CBD Horse, a website dedicated to giving horse owners information on CBD oil, the substance contains omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are known for their health benefits. The website stress that CBD oil for horses helps the nervous system of mature and immature horses. In addition, CBD capsules can “decrease stress levels, improve learning and cognition, and staves off the development behaviors”.

CBD oil has a number of other uses that can improve the lives of horses. Research has found the substance can reduce pain, improve digestion, and increase a horse’s appetite. Although many horse owners are now using CBD oil, research is still being competed on the substance to discover its full potential.

cbd horseCBD oil isn’t just for the average horse owner. Some horse racing trainers have turned to the oil to improve training. Horses new to training and racing can be nervous due to anxiety. CBD oil for horses being prepared for the race track can be calmed down and prepared for racing events. CBD capsules or pellets can be feed to a horse prior to training and allowing them to be more focused during sessions due to their anxiety being lower.

“Horse owners can feel confident they are not giving their horses a toxic substance,” a CBD Horse spokesperson said. “The all-natural CBD oil is perfect for a variety of issues from inflammation and arthritis experienced by current and former race horses to reducing stress levels. It is a product that can greatly improve a horse’s life and experience.”