cbd for horses CBD isn’t only beneficial for dogs, cats, and people, it can actually work for horses as well. CBD for horses has the same benefits as it does for other mammals. This is because all mammals share the same medical problems. Because of the potential benefits of CBD for horses, veterinary science has been exploring remedies in CBD to improve the overall health of horses and the evidence suggests that it is worth it.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a thick oil extract that is derived from the cannabis plant. There are two main species of the cannabis plant. One that produces no high when consumed (hemp) and the other that causes a high when consumed (marijuana). Most of the CBD products available on the market come from hemp plants as they aren’t psychoactive and provide the needed benefits without causing a high.

What Happens When You Give Your Horse CBD

cbd for horses Virtually all mammals (including horses) respond to CBD the same way because they all have the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that CBD interacts with. There are two ways CBD interacts with the ECS. First, it activates some of the regulatory receptors in the ECS. Second, it boosts the number of endocannabinoids in the body, hence helping a mammal struggling with a chronic medical condition.

Common Conditions CBD Can Help Your Horse With

CBD can help your horse in many ways because the endocannabinoids it helps out are essential for maintaining and strengthening regulatory process across the body. CBD for horses is usually popular for its anti-anxiety properties, however it can help your horse with many other conditions, including:

Equine Arthritis: Aging horses develop Degenerative Joint Disease that appears in the form of joint stiffness, swollen joints, and pain.

Trailering Fear: Horses prefer open space as they are claustrophobic. Because of this, mobile, tight, small areas frighten them as they restrict escape and sometimes even the room to turn around. Apart from this, horses have long memories of unstable and uncomfortable rides in the past.

Muscle Soreness: Horses suffer from muscle pain, particularly after exercise. It is generally relieved with rest. But, owners and riders often ignore the pain horses feel in their legs and sometimes around the saddle area after an active ride.

Herd Bound Problems: Horses find comfort in membership in a herd with other horses since they are prey animals. So, when they are separated from the herd, they suffer anxiety.

Is CBD Safe for Your Horse



The side effects of CBD for horses are very low, however they are there. Side effects are usually associated with the wrong CBD oil dosage.

These may include diarrhea and tiredness. Apart from this, increase in CBD oil dosage can cause side effects when your horse is on a certain drug. In such cases, it is recommended that you consult your vet.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Horse?

For proper CBD oil dosage for your horse, it is recommended that you use a CBD dosage calculator because dosage can vary depending on the weight of your horse. Apart from this, CBD products come in different potencies, so you should carefully read the label to see what dosage is recommended by the manufacturer.